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Writing Prompts #10

For March 26th, 27th, and 28th:

32.I didn’t mean to read his journal. Really I didn’t. But there it was open on the table . ..

33. A character trying to catch his/her ex girl/boyfriend. Why, When, Where, and by what means(so really, how)?

Write in the perspective of a blind person, never using the word “blind”.

Begin a piece with: “I was too short to see above the counter but I knew there was something waiting on the top. I stand on my tiptoes…”

Describe your room/house in detail and how it relates to you as a person. Now describe an unknown room/house and speculate about who would live in this room/house. What is their name? Age? Favorite color? Occupation? Hobbies? Likes? Dislikes? Would you get along? Incorporate all of these and anything else that comes to mind in a first person account of walking into a stranger’s house/room and speculating about who they are.

Take these four lines and incorporate them into a story however you would like:
-This couldn’t happen to me.
-I swear it/they were out to get me.
-can it(goes in a question)
-You’re lying.

38. You are a ____________ and it is your first time at the [fashion capital] Fashion Week. The show is stunning, soon to be dubbed the best in the decade, when the star model in the show drops dead halfway down the stage. What is the reaction of everyone? How is it handled? Does the show go on? Why did she die?

39. Write a poem titled: “Amid the Ruins” and include the words: scarred, door, path, destruction, pale

40. Go outside with a blindfold on and sit or (CAREFULLY) walk around. Without the sense of sight, use your other four senses to describe your surroundings. Write about it, then go back outside and describe your surroundings using only your sight.

41.Your narrator has a disease/disorder/syndrome. What is it and how does it affect his/her life and relationships with other people? Write a scene about it.


Mar. 30th, 2008 03:21 am (UTC)
I didn't mean to read his journal. Really I didn't. But there it was, open on the table... my interest got the best of me, however. I couldn't turn away from it; I mean… he is my brother. I cannot overlook the fact that he has become so isolated as of late. We used to be so close. He would tell me everything and vice versa. I can't handle the fact that he has been drifting away. But now, since I looked upon those pages, I know everything. I sat there, drinking in each page, every written word. I knew it was restricted territory, and I am a horrible person for doing so, but there was just something in the atmosphere that drew me in. The first page or two was this phenomenal description of this beauty. Strawberry blonde hair, sea green eyes; the description was so generic. It could have been anybody. Then, he went more in detail. He called her gorgeous, ravishing. He described her colors, her shape, and her scent… but there was something I didn’t understand. He wrote it so penitently, as if it were such a sin to be in love with her. Actually, I believe that was the word he used. Sin. It wasn’t until the near-end of that entry that I saw. And suddenly, it made sense to me. The strawberry blonde hair, the green eyes, I knew it sounded familiar at first glance. I could almost feel the color draining from my face. Of course, I didn’t think of it then, because, well, because he described everything so differently than the way I would think to portray the subject—and besides, he's my brother. It would be foolish to think that the girl he depicted… It was the last sentence, the last sentence that got me. He said, If sis ever knew I felt this way, she would despise me. That was when everything made sense.

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