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Need a prompt? Here is one for every day of the year. They will help the creative juices of any writer flowing, whether they be a pro or a novice. Like you response to it? Post it as a comment to the prompt for all to see and give feedback on. Because that's why we drabble, isn't it? To improve! Write on!
[*Note: All these are original prompts I created unless otherwise stated. Please ask me before using them elsewhere. Thanks!]

Ugh, I hate rules but I hate meanies who don't bother to follow them more so here they are:
1. Please don't copy the prompts I put up, they are hard work. I promise, though, if you email me at yourfavoritewritinggal@gmail.com
2. Please post your response to one or all of the prompts if you decide to do them. It's more fun for everyone else if they can compare their take on it with yours! (And I love to read them, too!)
3. Pretty pretty pretty please don't spam the site. duh.
4. Email me at that email adress in #1 if you have any problems with the site, suggestions, or comments!

If the three prompts a day just aren't enough for your energetic typing fingers, or you like to have all your prompts at the beginning of the week, email me at that yourfavoritewritinggal@gmail.com requesting a weekly newsletter of them, and you'll get the newsletter over the weekend for the upcoming week with 25 prompts. (yes that's more than the ones that will be posted daily over a week). There is a catch with the newsletter.... dun dun dun.... in order to keep subscribed to the newsletter you have to pay me $723.56 a month... ha, no it's free! But I do ask that you post at least one of your responses to the right day at least once a week (but if you forget a week or you have a slump, it's no problem, you won't get banned from the newsletter.) If you go without posting ANY response for more than three weeks without an excuse for me, I'll stop sending you the newsletter. Sorry, but it takes a bit of work.

Writing Prompts #6

Sorry guys, I REALIZE IT's 5:30, but I was at the library! Anyway, it's still the 22 so it isn't THAT bad... without further ado, here's today's prompts:

16.Go outside with a blindfold on and sit or (CAREFULLY) walk around. Without the sense of sight, use your other four senses to describe your surroundings. Write about it, then go back outside and describe your surroundings using only your sight.
17.Your narrator has a disease/disorder/syndrome. What is it and how does it affect his/her life and relationships with other people? Write a scene about it OR write a scene in which the narrator realizes he/she has a problem/disease/syndrome/etc.
18.Write a story using forty words from my Handy Dandy Word Chart. Otherwise, there aren’t any other restrictions. You can change the tense of the word or make it plural, etc. Anything is fine as long as it is basically the same word. Example: SHIFT, Shift-Noun, Shift-verb, Shifting-verb, Shifted-verb, shifts-pl. noun, Shifty-adjective, Shiftily-adverb.

My Handy Dandy Word Chart is here: http://www.box.net/shared/2z14u3yqss (sorry it isn't a link, the link didn't work, just copy and paste that into the navigation bar)


Writing Prompts #5

Here are the new ones! Enjoy and remember to post your responses!

13. Write a scene that contains anger and frustration and the words: lip, crossed, picnic, & wrist

14.   Listen to a piece of classical music. Title your piece the name of the arrangement and the composer and write a response to the music. How it made you feel, incorporate it in a story as a major influence on the plot, what story you think it tells, etc.


Photographed by Bharat Sikka for TIME

This is a tennament building in Bombay. Write a poem in response to this photograph about anything, what you see, who lives there, etc.

Writing Prompts #4

Yes, this is early but I couldn't wait. I have a response for several of the previous ones but they need touch ups before I post them. Here are tomorrows and if anybody wants the newsletter of weekly prompts or a specific type of prompt (a specific genre or subject or type) just email your request to yourfavoritewritinggal@gmail.com and I'll send it shortly. Enjoy!

10. Go to a random page in the dictionary. Find the biggest , scariest word on the page and write it at the top of a page. Use the letters in the word to make as many words as you can and write a story with all the words in it. Kudos if you can fit your original word into the story.

11. Write a six-paragraph story about whatever you like. The only limitation is that each paragraph must have at least 30 words and each must leave out one vowel. Example, you might leave out E in the first paragraph, Y in the second, I in the third, etc.

12. Describe your idea of a utopia for the general people. What about a dystopia?

There isn't a poetry one because both 10 and 12 can be poems. Have at it!

Writing Prompts #3

Day three, wahoo! Here's three more!

7. Write down a strangers overheard telephone conversation. There are two options to this:
a) listen out and write down a part of a real strangers telephone conversation, then continue it. (personally, I think I’m going to try this one)
b) make up a telephone conversation.

8. You are an old (wo)man who enjoys sitting with your friend or yourself people-watching in crowded places. Why?

Poetry Prompt (this one could be poetry or a story so you can do it whichever way you like)

9. Write a poem/story about a Holstein cow. It could be on a farm, in your house for some reason, in a dream, whatever. Title it “Ode to a Holstein.”

Writing Prompts #2

Here are today's writing prompts, enjoy!

4. Imagine you are sitting in your favorite coffee shop during your lunch break. There are two men and a woman sitting in the table behind you talking [in whispers, urgently, enraged, tearfully, or a combination]. What is their conversation and what is your reaction?

5. You are at the zoo and you stop at a(n) [insert animal here]. You can’t take your eyes off of it and you don’t know why until you realize it is trying to communicate with you. How is it trying to communicate (with their hands? Are they talking? Are you hearing their thoughts?) and what are they trying to tell you?

Poetry Prompt

6. Pick one fact about a relative that you haven’t ever spoken to- or if you have, only briefly- and write a poem about this fact, filling in the holes of info you don’t know.

Writing Prompt Day #1

For March 17th, here are two writing prompts and one poetry writing prompt. Enjoy!

1. Write a drabble centered around a newspaper with the words: Bloom, Ran/Run,  Hat,  Cover, & Shock
2. Write a response to or include in a piece the quote: "I hate and I love: why I do so you may well ask. I do not know, but I feel it happen and am in agony." -Catullus

Poetry Prompt

3. Write a poem with the title: "Clippings"

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