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Need a prompt? Here is one for every day of the year. They will help the creative juices of any writer flowing, whether they be a pro or a novice. Like you response to it? Post it as a comment to the prompt for all to see and give feedback on. Because that's why we drabble, isn't it? To improve! Write on!
[*Note: All these are original prompts I created unless otherwise stated. Please ask me before using them elsewhere. Thanks!]

Ugh, I hate rules but I hate meanies who don't bother to follow them more so here they are:
1. Please don't copy the prompts I put up, they are hard work. I promise, though, if you email me at yourfavoritewritinggal@gmail.com
2. Please post your response to one or all of the prompts if you decide to do them. It's more fun for everyone else if they can compare their take on it with yours! (And I love to read them, too!)
3. Pretty pretty pretty please don't spam the site. duh.
4. Email me at that email adress in #1 if you have any problems with the site, suggestions, or comments!

If the three prompts a day just aren't enough for your energetic typing fingers, or you like to have all your prompts at the beginning of the week, email me at that yourfavoritewritinggal@gmail.com requesting a weekly newsletter of them, and you'll get the newsletter over the weekend for the upcoming week with 25 prompts. (yes that's more than the ones that will be posted daily over a week). There is a catch with the newsletter.... dun dun dun.... in order to keep subscribed to the newsletter you have to pay me $723.56 a month... ha, no it's free! But I do ask that you post at least one of your responses to the right day at least once a week (but if you forget a week or you have a slump, it's no problem, you won't get banned from the newsletter.) If you go without posting ANY response for more than three weeks without an excuse for me, I'll stop sending you the newsletter. Sorry, but it takes a bit of work.

Apr. 23rd, 2008

My Gosh, you all must hate me by now! You don't know how crazy sorry I am that I havent been around, but in all truth, I haven't touched a computer since the last time I posted. I've been all over the place plus writing a new novel and its on GASP notebook paper, not a word doc. I swear I will post a billion new prompts very soon!
Hey guys, there might not be any new prompts for a day or two because my MSW messed up and the doc was lost. I WILL make up for it when i get it back up and running.

Hang tight, ginger

Writing Prompts #11

42. Latino dance and moving to a foreign country. Go!
43. Have you ever read a book or saw a movie you thought had a bad ending? Re-write the last scene or couple of scenes and end it right!
44.    Pick a two nouns and make a chart describing both as well as comparing and contrasting both. Write a poem for two voices about it or write a story with two characters in which one describes one of the nouns and the other describes the other noun.


and for tomorrow the 30th as well:

45.Write a story using forty words from my Handy Dandy Word Chart. Otherwise, there aren’t any other restrictions. You can change the tense of the word or make it plural, etc. Anything is fine as long as it is basically the same word. Example: SHIFT, Shift-Noun, Shift-verb, Shifting-verb, Shifted-verb, shifts-pl. noun, Shifty-adjective, Shiftily-adverb.  The HDWC can be downloaded here: http://www.box.net/shared/2z14u3yqss
46. Write a poem about your favorite childhood toy, titling the poem with the name of the toy or object but never saying what it is in the poem. The point is to get you to describe enough for us to tell what the item is.

Writing Prompts #10

For March 26th, 27th, and 28th:

32.I didn’t mean to read his journal. Really I didn’t. But there it was open on the table . ..

33. A character trying to catch his/her ex girl/boyfriend. Why, When, Where, and by what means(so really, how)?

Write in the perspective of a blind person, never using the word “blind”.

Begin a piece with: “I was too short to see above the counter but I knew there was something waiting on the top. I stand on my tiptoes…”

Describe your room/house in detail and how it relates to you as a person. Now describe an unknown room/house and speculate about who would live in this room/house. What is their name? Age? Favorite color? Occupation? Hobbies? Likes? Dislikes? Would you get along? Incorporate all of these and anything else that comes to mind in a first person account of walking into a stranger’s house/room and speculating about who they are.

Take these four lines and incorporate them into a story however you would like:
-This couldn’t happen to me.
-I swear it/they were out to get me.
-can it(goes in a question)
-You’re lying.

38. You are a ____________ and it is your first time at the [fashion capital] Fashion Week. The show is stunning, soon to be dubbed the best in the decade, when the star model in the show drops dead halfway down the stage. What is the reaction of everyone? How is it handled? Does the show go on? Why did she die?

39. Write a poem titled: “Amid the Ruins” and include the words: scarred, door, path, destruction, pale

40. Go outside with a blindfold on and sit or (CAREFULLY) walk around. Without the sense of sight, use your other four senses to describe your surroundings. Write about it, then go back outside and describe your surroundings using only your sight.

41.Your narrator has a disease/disorder/syndrome. What is it and how does it affect his/her life and relationships with other people? Write a scene about it.

Writing Prompts #9

I know, I know, I didn't put any up today, DON'T SHOOT!!!

It was a busy day, but here are SEVEN for tomorrow:

25.    No one ever suspected him. He had the kind of face everyone trusted. You were the only one who saw. And when you told, it was clear no one believed you . . .
He jumped at me and I …
    An executive, a wino, and a florist are stuck in an elevator...
    A short story about a kid and his suspicions about the guy next door, who is tall, pale, and has weird eyes.
    Write a story involving a squirrel, some dental floss, duct tape, and ending with the words “and that’s how I saved the world and my ass.”
    She stood, pressed against the wall, listening with pleasure to the laughter of the children. Tears swelled in her eyes as she remembered…
26 word story where every word begins with a different letter of the alphabet.

Writing Prompts #8

22.    I had to look back.  I couldn’t help checking to make sure the unfamiliar boy was real, and not just a figment of my over active imagination.
23.    A gigantic box – the size of a small bus – is sitting on your front lawn squishing your dad’s heirloom tomato plants. It’s addressed to you in handwriting you don’t recognize. The box is moving slightly as if its contents are alive. From inside the box you hear . . .
    You know you’re dead. You’re absolutely sure of it. You remember so clearly the accident, the emergency room, the doctor pronouncing the time of your death. And yet here you are in Mrs. Bloomburg’s Geometry class just like always . . .



Writing Prompts #7

Here they are for March 23, 2008

19. Describe an Easter in the perspective of a young child.
20.Write in third person about an art teacher and his/her first day at school, what the students think of her what she is thinking about, what she does with the class, etc.
What might a woman find in her purse while waiting for a train? Write a short scene in the POV of the woman as she waits for her train pulling things out of her purse and setting them beside her, then write in the POV of an onlooker describing it in their view and what they think of what she is pulling out of her purse.



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